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With decades of airline experience, our out-of-the-box thinking and unburdened by bureaucratic
structure, we can find innovative solutions very quickly with minimal cost
Targeted Software
Zero in on small or large issues affecting host airline performance
Sometimes the best approach to a problem is to remove one's self from the issue.  At Crewsware we have specialized in targeting our approach to every problem without the vertical integration issues that can slow or bog down large corporations.
Find solutions hidden in your massive data
With many years in the airline business, we have become experts in mining, sorting, and examining data in ways most companies can't or don't bother with.  Our real world experience of being crew has given us a unique view of data management.
Improved Internal
Providing tools to improve your interdepartmental communication
The first problem with internal communications is understanding what each party is trying to convey.  At Crewsware we have designed systems that seamlessly communicate across multiple platforms to ensure information is sent and received with minimum effort while keeping everyone well informed.
End to End
Crewing Solutions
Keep your crew up-to-date by providing enhanced employee experiences
With a specialty in graphical interface design and real world experience, our crewing tools have been used by thousands of airline crews with strong user appeal.

Our complete range of innovative solutions has helped thousands of airline employees organize their
busy work life, freeing their valuable time for important activities with their friends and family
Bidding and
Start your month by using our time saving advanced Planning and Bidding tools
Each month there's a large amount of non-flying work and time required to plan your next month.  With three different pairing tools, you will save your valuable time by quickly filtering, sorting and finally dragging and dropping your chosen pairings into a number of different bidding scenarios.
Pay and
With your new award, our pay and expense trackers will show your pay and find any missed expenses
Since all crew just want to fly, checking one's pay and expenses is just something that is time consuming and a huge bother.  With the complex nature of airline pay and expenses, we have designed tools to make this process both easy and very rewarding, while saving you time.
Next we'll load your mobile devices with your schedule automatically and seamlessly
In our fast paced world of mobile data management, let Crewsware do all the work for you.  Our unique systems will send you notifications, briefing packages and user optional information to keep you informed throughout your month while, again saving you your valuable time.
and Friends
With your award loaded, your pay checked, our tools will keep your family informed with your hectic work schedule
There's nothing more important than friends and family.  For just a few dollars per month we promise to give you back your valuable time so you can spend that time with those people who matter.  Let Crewsware do the work for you.

I'm writing this short message to thank you for facilitating my life and those of my two boys 11 and 13 years with the Family Calendar which they can know where I am at any moment and when they can call me when I am on a layover.  It could not be easier since I have coupled their iPad with iCal for smartphones, it is just MAGICAL!!!

Especially since the day me and their mom have decided to follow our separate ways a few mouths ago and the assets in shared custody.  The more difficult time of their lives without a doubt.

I can never thank you enough.

A.O. - Thursday, June 30, 2016


Crewsware is a dynamic, innovative and data analysis scheduling software company.  Our main objective is to make the lives of our customers easier through user friendly software, encompassing numerous tools, resources, and visually engaging easy to read displays.

Initially our primary focus was airline scheduling software.  We concentrated on creating easy to read family oriented schedule displays that would provide the most amount of information in the friendliest format.

Over time we found that our customers appreciated our thirst for improvement and expansion.  Gradually we have added tools and resources to our web site that allows our customers to control various aspects of their busy work life.

Our team of programmers have created tools which include pay and expense tracking, a totally automated government compliant log book, both DC and DB pension estimators, a position planner

which allows the customers to plot various scenarios for career projection, plus bidding and award tools which simplify the monthly process, just to name a few.  We have also added many resources for our customers, currency conversion tables, weather forecasts, hotel information, layover tips and many others.  Our thirst for expansion and improvement is unlimited.

In addition to the subscription service we have become known for, we have also expanded our knowledge base to include operational and historical utilization analysis in the airline world.  Our company has worked with many North American airlines and airline unions to help them resolve their individual needs, including pension projection and pay auditing.  From determining cost efficiencies to creating custom software, we have helped our clients realise their full potential.

Of course like any forward thinking company, we won’t be stopping there.  Stay tuned...