About Us

Crewsware is a dynamic, innovative scheduling software company.  Our main objective is to make the lives of our customers easier through user friendly software, encompassing numerous tools, resources and visually engaging and easy to read displays.

Initially our primary focus was airline scheduling software.  We concentrated on creating easy to read, family oriented (non-airline employee) schedule displays that would provide the most amount of information in the easiest to read format.

Over time we found that our users appreciated our thirst for improvement and expansion.  Gradually we have added tools and resources to our web site that allows our users to control various aspects of their work life.

Our team of programmers have created tools which include pay and expense tracking, a log book which is government compliant, a position planner which allows the user to plot various scenarios for career projection;  and bidding and award tools which simplify the monthly process, to name a few.  We have also added many resources for our customers, monetary conversion tables, weather forecasts, hotel information, layover tips and many others.

More to come on our airline data analysis...