Award Builder

Feature Set: 
Interactive Tools
  • "Drag and Drop" Pairings to build your Award
  • Protects you from Contract and other Bidding Rules
  • Shows you how much credit your need for a proper bid
  • Helps you maximize your block credit and pay cheque
  • Allows for unlimited senarios to help plan a bid
  • Shows how pairings can impact on each other

Award Builder


How to use the Award Builder

11 years with AC and 10.5 with Crewsware!

A must complement to PBS.

One big difference...

...PBS/scheduling is getting worse, Crewsware continuously improve! 

The Travel Expense support and now with the latest Award Builder version makes this tool a 10/10 for me.

A.E. - Sunday, July 30, 2017

- the Award Builder is a very useful feature for me. I drag and drop pairings into the calendar to build a block I want.

- the Expense Tracker is also very useful for me to track expenses. Each month there is per diems that are missed by the company.

- the all block option is useful to see what others bid on my equipment. I'll use it also, to see what sort of pairings I could hold if I bid another aircraft.

B.H. - Sunday, July 30, 2017

Crewsware changed the way I bid. I particularly enjoy the option to filter pairings. I select the ones that I can realistically hold and export them in an excel sheet. Then I use a colour code to prioritize them for bidding. I also export them to my Award Builder and create different block scenarios. The Family Calendar is also one of my favorites. My husband always had a hard time understanding the way my schedule is portrayed in Globe, but with the Family Calendar, he can understand better when I come back home. Crewsware is an amazing tool that I recommended to all my students when I thought Initial training. And to this day I keep discovering more and more about it. Thank you for your hard work!

M.N. - Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The feature I use the most is the Award Builder. I spend considerable time creating various iterations of schedules specific to my needs, and with increasing seniority, this feature becomes more useful, as the final PBS award gets closer and closer to my desired outcome.

The Pay and Expense Tracker is Crewsware classic feature of course. While company pay statements are notoriously nebulous and difficult to decipher, Crewsware allows a fast and accurate check, which I do yearly in May. Even if there were no pay errors, the peace of mind alone is worth the yearly Crewsware subscription. 

One more feature of which I make consistent use is the All Blocks feature, not only allowing me to see where my friends are at the moment, but seeing what kind of lifestyle a new position would generate for me.

Crewsware has been an amazing tool over the years!

R.G. - Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Where to start?......I LOVE Crewsware!

The convenience, the many user-friendly features enables me to reduce stress associated with life. I could detail so many features I like… I would need a lot more than 250 words!

•         Receiving pairings 1-2 days before biding opens enables me to filter then “Export to Sortable Pairings” (a convenient Excel format I could print) and get a head start on bidding wherever I am.

•         Reminder e-mails to bid is great, especially on vacation where bidding could be missed! ....

•         “Pairing Brief” (all you need in printable format) sent the day I fly. It has saved me to miss a flight!

•         “All Blocks”; great tool to figure out what I can hold category wise (Galley, BL, etc.); makes my life easier when bidding. Thanks David for bringing it back!

•         Been visual the “Pairing Filter” is great; tons of info at a quick glance (i.e.: long lay-over time (green)/short (red) and much more!); “Aircraft” filter; i.e.77P (PBS doesn’t allow to filter); “Days” column gives the actual number of days, thus avoiding screw-ups.

•         “Award Builder”; to calculate vacations and flying hours in a cinch, thus saving time, headaches and mistakes!

•         ANY airline/company information one “click” away! Not like the Portal….

•         “My-layover” posts (I wrote a few Laughing). A great tool and resource for traveling information! Forward to colleagues/friends. Add your posts for all to benefit!

You can’t beat the price for ALL you get! I would say to anyone: “Try it you’ll love it….but do try it!”

N.T. - Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Award Builder
Award Builder
Award Builder
Award Builder