Block Limit Report

Feature Set: 
Improved Organization
  • Quickly displays your monthly block limits and blocking range
  • Keep track of all block limits or DBM's across the system for any month
  • Shows Block Holder MBG, Reserve MBG
  • Displays max planned make up, draft or reserve limits
  • Max planned mandatory block projection
  • Historical block limits going back years
  • Awarded flying step process


It seems like every time I log on to Crewsware there's something new and innovative.  I LOVE the new Personal Weather display for the next week of our block.  And I just noticed that when checking the DMMs, the Block Limit for my position is now highlighted.  Crewsware actually knows (and cares) what my position and base is.  A small thing but very much appreciated.   Keep up the awesome work!!

Chris Brown - Thursday, May 13, 2010