iCal for Smartphones

Feature Set: 
Mobile Solutions
  • With an easy one time set up, you can send your block information to your devices' calendar.
  • Subscribed Calendars, the quickest may of knowing your new block pattern.
  • Your device will now have all the pairing details including crew names, hotel discounts and pick up times.
  • Supports iPhone, iTouch and iPad as well as other great devices.

Just like our brains or our computers I know I only use a small percentage of the capabilities that Crewsware has available. However, the ones I do use; I can't live without!

My first stop on Crewsware is always the Pairing Filter. As a commuter, eliminating all the non-desirable pairings saves so much time from the old days of scrolling endlessly through the pairings. Does anyone else remember the sensation of the screen still scrolling even though you hadn't touched the mouse in 5 seconds....very disconcerting!

My second stop is, after the pairings come out, my iCal. The schedule automatically uplinks and viola, the whole month is laid out. Since the rest of my family is linked in on iCal we can instantly see any conflicts, plan driving and have everybody on the same page before the month even begins. Now I know you could do this manually but the level of detail loaded into iCal would take hours and my family knows at a glance where I am and when I'll be back.

Finally there's my Christmas bonus. Every November I load up my pay summaries, compare the expenses and invariably I am owed way more than the cost of the Crewsware subscription. I submit the claim (just print and sign by the way!) and it usually shows up on my January 17th pay - Christmas bonus!

Oh, one thing I forgot, as I use it every day at work is the Pairing Brief. I print that out before each pairing in portrait and it folds up neatly and fits perfectly in my shirt pocket. Again, I know I could put this on my phone (and do for layovers etc.) but there's something "immediate" about pulling out a slip of paper and verifying pick up times or time between flights or answering pretty much any question you can ask about a pairing. Truly invaluable for us old guys....

P.L. - Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fantastic product..Crewsware keeps me organized and my work life simple. I have recovered hundreds of dollars in lost expenses from your software Expense Tracker. I find the iCal calendar extremely useful for planning my future upcoming social events for my family. Crewsware keeps evolving and only gets better with the tools that you have added. Many thx to you and your team for a extremely smart user friendly product.

S.B. - Friday, June 24, 2016

I use the Crewsware Family Calendar on a monthly basis for two reasons.  With two young children and a wife that works full time, we are able to coordinate pick up and drop off responsibilities rather quickly with our work schedules.  This calendar is posted on the wall at the entrance of the home for easy and quick reference throughout the month.  We also use the Family Calender (blank) a month in advance to plan time off requests and potential child care concerns.

I have no reservations stating Expense Tracker feature has paid for itself, over and over again.  I used to review my expenses each and every month cross-checking my pairings with the flight summary form.  While I was diligent and felt most claims were getting caught, the ease and simplicity of this feature has saved me time and likely recouped extra money into my pocket.  This feature recovers expenses that occur from delayed flights, pay protection events, etc that by simply looking at a generic pairing would not be easily identified.

As a PoR (Pilot on Reserve), my wife and I have the Crewsware iCal subscribed directly into our phones.  This is a huge benefit as the iCal automatically picks up the awarded flight and inserts it into both mine and my wife's iPhone.  She can identify when I'll be home, where I can be contacted for emergencies purposes, etc.  With drastic time changes flying overseas (and last minute awards while on reserve) I don't have the luxury of always keeping in touch but this feature allows her to view my schedule if the situation arises.

I have been using the eLog for some time now.  It alleviates all stress of recording flight times and an keeps accurate track of flight time per aircraft.  You have the ability to save or print your current logbook with a few clicks of the mouse.  One never knows when your logbook will be needed but knowing it can be retrieved in a few moments is a very nice feature that Crewsware provides.

J.R. - Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I have been a very satisfied user of Crewsware for a year now. I have been able to find and filter pairings that I may have missed when bidding my blocks.  I like the pairing builder since I can see what will fit into my sked to make a clean schedule.  I like the text messages to my mobile when blocks are out & awarded.  Ical for Smartphones also uploads my flights to my Google calendar which makes it easier to plan my commute & life!

The Expense Tracker is great. Its fast, clear and easy to use.  I like it because takes away the headache of sifting through everything myself.  Last year I hired someone to check my meals.  I went through my pay summaries again once expense tracker was introduced, and I have sucessfully claimed and ADDITIONAL $156+ in expenses that was missed from last year!  Even little things like being paid a Cdn meal instead of the US or other rate on turns.   FYI, everything I put through has been approved.

Samantha Askheim - Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The innovative services provided by Crewsware are outstanding, and greatly simplify the process of getting the information you need about your busy, and sometimes complex, airline schedule on day-to-day basis.  From bidding tools, to pilot logs, to something as simple deciding whether to pack those shorts on your layover - Crewsware has the solution.  My personal favourites are iCal for Smartphones, which automatically populates your smartphone calendar with your block when it's released, and the Who's In Town feature to see if any of your buddies will also be in town on a layover.  Even for a reserve pilot who won't be able to take full advantage of the block features, the many other features make it well worth the investment - not to mention the fact that the subscription is half price for reserve schedules.

In addition, support of all these features is prompt and helpful. Any issue you may have is usually resolved in a matter of hours.

This is what the Company's scheduling software SHOULD have been.  For less than a quarter a day you can have access to one of the most powerful scheduling services available. You won't regret it!

Thanks, Dave! Keep up the great work...

Chris Brunner - Tuesday, August 9, 2011