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Feature Set: 
Enhanced Calendars
  • Each pairing is Crewsware enhanced to show meals on board, allowances, pick up times, transport and hotel contact numbers.
  • Easy to read colour coded 'Strip' calendar that highlights days on / off, weekends, and other work related information.
  • Custom or recurring notes can be added to your schedule.

Main Schedule

I have been a Crewsware client since the beginning and have been extremely pleased with the presentation and simplicity of my schedules each month for myself and family. I am impressed with the continous updating of the product. I used the Expense Tracker recently to recover my missed expenses over the past 10 months. I submitted the claim exactly as presented in Expense Tracker and was surprised and pleased to see a payment of $ 511.22 on my July 17th pay

Thank-you Crewsware.

Graham Ross - Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just have a look at your AWARD BUILDER DEMO VIDEO....FANTASTIC

Thank you for all your hard work and effort in making a great product which makes our lives in the airline industry a whole lot easier. Shirt Pocket flight info travels with me on all and every trip. More detailed than the pairing displays generated by the company. The Main Schedule hangs on my fridge door and is referenced daily showing me what work I have in the month but also other appointments which I enter on the sheet. NO need for an agenda or appointment book.....Its all on the fridge door.

Thank you again and keep up the great work

Robert van den Hoef - Sunday, July 18, 2010
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