Meal Allowance History

Feature Set: 
Expense & Pay Recovery
  • Track trends in your meal allowances
  • View all expense for any month
  • Historical meal amount for all layover stations

Meal Allowances

Crewsware makes my airline life so much easier! The Pairing Filter helps me pinpoint the exact type of flying I want to do on the dates that I want. The Sortable Pairings option puts them all together so I can visualize where everything fits, making my PBS bidding much easier. The Shirt Pocket Calendar is emailed to me with up-to-date info the night before. I keep it on my phone so I always have my schedule with me. All my pairing info is not wiped out with red lines as in Globe if there is the slightest little pairing change! I find the Max Duty Time and Expire time are very convenient on a long day! Plus the iCal on my phone is automatically populated each month with all my blocks details, beautiful!

Everything you need for your airline life is provided through Crewsware. The Electronic Logbook is automatic and includes a route map of everywhere I have flown over my AC career, really cool! Features include Position Planner, Hotel information, Currency conversion, Who’s in town, plain language Equipment Pay Tables, up-to-date Meal Allowances and much more. On top of it all, the Expense and Claim Tracker is easy to use and automated. It has consistently returned an average of three times the cost of my yearly Crewsware subscription in unpaid expenses that would have simply slipped by me! I actually make money by using Crewsware!!!

Crewsware is totally worth the money and I highly recommend it!

T.H. - Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Crewsware keeps getting better and better and better.  The ease at which my schedule is transferred automatically into my Google Calendar, the Family Calendar function, and the Meal Allowance and Pay Calculator are all worth every penny each month.  Now the latest Personalized Weather with an at-a-glance visual display is terrific. 

Thanks for continuing to think up great, new things to make it easier for work/life balance!

Joseph Gary Myers - Thursday, April 22, 2010