Pairing Brief

Feature Set: 
Enhanced Calendars
  • Your complete Pairing Briefing on one page
  • Emailed to you the night before your pairing
  • Includes: complete sectors details, duty time limitations, weather for all layover stations, complete hotel layover information, hotel perks and discounts, currency exchange, expenses, and much more
  • One of the most popular tools at Crewsware

Pairing Brief

Very impressed how to you continually strive to improve your product.  The Pairing Brief strips are cut to size every month and slide into my plastic sleeve and into my front pocket....great reference. And the Family Calendar gets printed off so CINCHMFLT (commander in chief of the home fleet) can keep me on schedule and track my whereabouts.....

N.J. - Monday, July 31, 2017

Just like our brains or our computers I know I only use a small percentage of the capabilities that Crewsware has available. However, the ones I do use; I can't live without!

My first stop on Crewsware is always the Pairing Filter. As a commuter, eliminating all the non-desirable pairings saves so much time from the old days of scrolling endlessly through the pairings.

My second stop is, after the pairings come out, my iCal. The schedule automatically uplinks and viola, the whole month is laid out. Since the rest of my family is linked in on iCal we can instantly see any conflicts, plan driving and have everybody on the same page before the month even begins. Now I know you could do this manually but the level of detail loaded into iCal would take hours and my family knows at a glance where I am and when I'll be back.

Lastly, the one I use every day at work is the Pairing Brief. I print that out before each pairing in “portrait" and it folds up neatly and fits perfectly in my shirt pocket. Again, I know I could put this on my phone (and do for layovers etc.) but there's something "immediate" about pulling out a slip of paper and verifying pick up times or time between flights or answering pretty much any question you can ask about a pairing. Truly invaluable for us old guys....

P.L. - Monday, July 31, 2017

Pilot Wife Problems…

 “So where is your husband off to today?”  

Answering this question was never a problem during the 767 era.  “Seoul” or “Beijing” I would smugly and confidently answer.  The A-320, however, is a whole different beast.  Suddenly, I was stammering, wide-eyed, “Um, Calgary.  No, I think its Toronto.  Actually, it might be LA.  Maybe LA is tomorrow…”  After months of looking like an unintelligent, indifferent and unsupportive spouse, I’d finally had enough.  “There’s got to be a way for me to get a handle on your schedule that’s not that hieroglyphic PBS thing”, I challenged my Pilot Guy.  “There is” he casually responded, “Its Crewsware.”  And life has never been the same!  

The color-coded Family Calendar now sits on our fridge instead of me trying to fit an 8-leg-3-day-pairing into my little day timer.  Pilot Guy sends me the Pairing Briefing before each trip which I download to my phone and voila, I can now answer the “Where is he today” question with ease and accuracy.  The Pairing Brief has become my first stop before I tell Siri to “Call Dennis” as I can double-check his time zone and his pickup time – no more calls from the wife at 11:30pm with a 4am pickup!  Thank you, Crewsware, for bringing a peaceful organization to our wonderfully erratic life!

D.B. - Sunday, July 30, 2017

Crewsware is essential to my Air Canada experience.  I use the pay and Expense Tracker every month.  However, the most valuable tool is the "Pairing Filters."  I have very limited days each month I can work based on my family's schedule and being able to filter pairings down to what I can work and then bidding specific pairings helps me feel like I have some control over my life. 

B.S. - Sunday, July 30, 2017

Where to start?......I LOVE Crewsware!

The convenience, the many user-friendly features enables me to reduce stress associated with life. I could detail so many features I like… I would need a lot more than 250 words!

•         Receiving pairings 1-2 days before biding opens enables me to filter then “Export to Sortable Pairings” (a convenient Excel format I could print) and get a head start on bidding wherever I am.

•         Reminder e-mails to bid is great, especially on vacation where bidding could be missed! ....

•         “Pairing Brief” (all you need in printable format) sent the day I fly. It has saved me to miss a flight!

•         “All Blocks”; great tool to figure out what I can hold category wise (Galley, BL, etc.); makes my life easier when bidding. Thanks David for bringing it back!

•         Been visual the “Pairing Filter” is great; tons of info at a quick glance (i.e.: long lay-over time (green)/short (red) and much more!); “Aircraft” filter; i.e.77P (PBS doesn’t allow to filter); “Days” column gives the actual number of days, thus avoiding screw-ups.

•         “Award Builder”; to calculate vacations and flying hours in a cinch, thus saving time, headaches and mistakes!

•         ANY airline/company information one “click” away! Not like the Portal….

•         “My-layover” posts (I wrote a few Laughing). A great tool and resource for traveling information! Forward to colleagues/friends. Add your posts for all to benefit!

You can’t beat the price for ALL you get! I would say to anyone: “Try it you’ll love it….but do try it!”

N.T. - Tuesday, July 25, 2017