Pairing Filters

Feature Set: 
Interactive Tools
  • Advanced Pairing Filters for quicker pairing selection
  • Allows you to filter and sort the pairings on your criteria
  • Only displays pairings in the category of your choice
  • Allows you to find pairing, then send those paiirngs to other Crewsware tools like Award Builder, Sortable Pairings and Block Planners
  • Lots of flexability in its display of the pairings

Pairing Filters

I would like to thank you for the service that Crewsware has provided me and I can say with confidence, hundreds of other Air Canada pilots.

The system is easy to use, relevant and actually makes me money!

Let me start with ease. The calendar options are wonderful. I can choose what is best for my and/or what is best for my family and I don't have to buy a planning calendar now and waste time transferring my schedule to it.

The Pairing Filter allows me to easily sift through the relevant pairings saving me time and frustration.

 The Expense Tracker is BRILLIANT! I use to spend hours going through my flight summaries in order to get the expenses that I was owed. With your Crewsware I can remit my missed expenses in a fraction of the time.

Thanks once again for such a wonderful product offered at a reasonable price Dave!

W.E. - Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Crewsware is essential to my Air Canada experience.  I use the pay and Expense Tracker every month.  However, the most valuable tool is the "Pairing Filters."  I have very limited days each month I can work based on my family's schedule and being able to filter pairings down to what I can work and then bidding specific pairings helps me feel like I have some control over my life. 

M.S. - Monday, July 31, 2017

Being a Captain on the Embraer, I fly with a lot of new hires at Air Canada.  I'm pretty sure the FO's I fly with are tired of hearing me sing the praises of Crewsware.  We don't often get through the first day without me mentioning it at least once.  Whether it's the Expense Tracker, the Position Planner, Who's In Town, or any of the other features, I can't imagine life at Air Canada without Crewsware. 

I couldn't complete my monthly bid without the Pairing Filters.  As a commuter, being able to find and sort the 4-day pairings is huge.  Having the ability to sort by check-in/check-out time, productivity, and layover destinations helps me build a schedule that allows me to maximize my time with my family, AND enjoy the flying I do.

I've also been a huge fan of My Layover since it started...I've been able to discover (and share) all sorts of new places to eat in the cities I've visited. 

The family schedules are a personal favourite as well...they're usually up on the fridge (and my wife's desk at work) the day they came out.

All in all, making the decision to subscribe to Crewsware is a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned...not only does it improve our quality of life while on the road, but it also helps maintain a good work/life balance.

Thanks again for your continued work in making Crewsware such a valuable tool!

A.N. - Monday, July 31, 2017

Crewsware has been a time saver as well as money saver over the years. Just using the Pairing Filter to sift through the pairings to get to the ones you are interested in saves time and headaches. The best tool is the Expense Tracker which has saved me a lot of time scouring pay and pairings to find money missing from my expenses. This has paid for Crewsware tenfold over the years. For example in the last ten months it has recouped around $500 bucks of missing expenses. Well worth the cost of admission.

J.B. - Monday, July 31, 2017

Since arriving at Air Canada in 2011, “Crewsware” has been part of the standard vocabulary when discussing essential tools to manage both my professional and personal lives.  As my life has progressed among 3 positions, 2 aircraft, 3 homes and a new life with a new wife, I have found that Crewsware has evolved with me.  First and foremost, the financial sense of Crewsware needs to be mentioned:  I have recovered over $3000 in missing expenses and gained an immeasurable sense of security.  It seems foolish to me that everybody is not on this program!  While expenses are constantly monitored, I have found that the importance of the award builder has become a powerful tool as my seniority increases.  Having more choices is pointless if we don’t have some way of bringing them to fruition.  The Pairing Filter has helped me exercise those choices by letting me create a schedule much more tailored towards what I seek each month.  This has led me to some great layovers in some fantastic places!  And finally worth mentioning is my family’s reliance on Crewsware.  Of the MANY formats in which our schedules are presented, the ONLY one we use at home is the Family Calendar.  It’s on our fridge and in our phones, every month.  If giving my family peace of mind isn’t worth the few bucks a month, I don’t know what is!  As we grow into my career at Air Canada, I’m confident that Crewsware will grow with us!

H.A. - Sunday, July 30, 2017


Pairing Filters
Pairing Filters
Pairing Filters