Pairing Filters

Feature Set: 
Interactive Tools
  • Advanced Pairing Filters for quicker pairing selection
  • Allows you to filter and sort the pairings on your criteria
  • Only displays pairings in the category of your choice
  • Allows you to find pairing, then send those paiirngs to other Crewsware tools like Award Builder, Sortable Pairings and Block Planners
  • Lots of flexability in its display of the pairings

Pairing Filters

As a newly hired pilot who has 25 years previous aviation career, i can appreciate the full extent of the one stop shop of crewsware. Everything is there from blocs to seniority awareness to layovers information. But the 2 really ultimate best features as new guy are the expense tracker (from which i already identified missing expenses) and the pairing filter. The Expense Tracker is really a visual summary of the somewhat complex at time contract. Right out of line indoc, i could rapidly understand what my expenses should be. The Pairing Filter enabled me to efficiently produce a tailored monthly bid by seeing all the important options available of every pairing in no time. The net result is that my first 4 months achieved terrific results in securing balanced personal life, productive flying and opening decent window for family vacation (even if i don't have vacation this year! I'm going to SFO for 6 days starting tomorrow, Thanks Dave!). In this trip i'll start to correlate and use the hotels, restaurants, comment from others contained in the layover section to further improve my vacation experience.

I can fully appreciate the B787 RP position without months of tryouts with the computer interface which can be a hit or miss.

I historically created some excel sheets to do that but that was a lot of work to maintain. You saved me all that time and i highly recommend the crewsware investment.
In summary, being able to have a quasi warranty of days off stretch one months ahead by seeing everything in the filter page and producing an intelligent bid request is so much more convenient than going through 80 pdf pages of pairings then try to make partly blind bid missing all the goods. This is the big hit for me!

Long life Crewsware.

N.F. - Thursday, June 30, 2016

Really satisfied with Crewsware.  The logbook is great, Pairing Filter help a lot with bidding the type of block you like and the subscription pays for itself with the expense claim.


S.R. - Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just Crewsware! (and My-Layover!)

Among many great features offered by Crewsware, the e-mail announcing the availability of pairings which is 1 to 2 days before the official company release time has once saved me a headache not to mention high stress when I left for a cruise the day before the bid opened. In the prep of the cruise I had totally forgotten the bid period!!!. With Crewsware I was able to filter and select the pairings that interested me, export them to the Sortable Pairings feature (Excel format), work and tweak the order to my liking and forward the result to my phone.

While cruising I was able to entered my bid in no time AND saving lots of money!

For that and much more, Crewsware is totally worth the subscription!

UP Crewsware!

N.T. - Thursday, June 30, 2016

I've been a subscriber to Crewsware since it first came out and I've watched it develop into an extremely useful work-tool that saves me time and money. Crewsware has something for all seniorities and all positions.  At first, as a junior f/o and commuter, the "Pairing Filter" saved me time finding pairings that got me home on layovers.  Before a cellphone was standard equipment, my wife and kids relied on the phone numbers on the "Family Calendar" taped to the fridge to get a hold of me.  Finally, I was senior enough to actually get the pairings I wanted and the "Award Builder" again saved me time bidding.  There are numerous helpful tools...whether I'm looking up a "Friend's Block", finding "Who's in Town", checking my "Personal Weather", or looking at places to visit on "My Layover", I use Crewsware regularly when I'm at work.  I've also claimed hundreds of dollars in missed expenses quickly and easily with the "Pay and Expense Tracker". The latest addition to Crewsware, the "Position Planner", is just one more tool that helps improve a pilot's quality of life by helping predict progression.

Congratulations Crewsware on a great product!

P.T. - Thursday, June 30, 2016

I've been a subscriber of Crewsware for a few years now and I can truly say that it has made my bidding life a lot easier. For one, pairings are usually made available earlier on Crewsware so it gives me extra time to bid. Under the Tools Tab, I extensively use the Pairing Filters and Award Builder. The Pairing Filters tool is so much more sophisticated than the one from PBS. I can add/remove columns of data, I can sort the columns by importance in an ascending or descending order. One of the sorting features I personally like to use is the Avoid Aircraft Type, in my case most specifically the 777HD. The Award Builder helps me "build" a potential block award and automatically calculates my flying time and notifies me when I have reach the minimum/maximum monthly limitations. Put simply, Crewsware has saved me a lot of time when bidding.

I have also used Crewsware to check my expenses and it helped me identify underpayments from time to time. Overall, Crewsware is a very intuitive, user-friendly complementary software I can no longer live without when it comes to bidding. I'm definately renewing my subscription!

M.C.M. - Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Pairing Filters
Pairing Filters
Pairing Filters