Position Planner

Feature Set: 
Interactive Tools
  • A graphical way to see the pilot position assignments
  • Instantly shows you your position and what position you could hold
  • Shows you if you'd be a Block Holder or Reserve
  • Expected pay and number of days worked
  • Looks at the seniority and working conditions you’d hold in a new position by looking at similar seniority pilots
  • An essential tool to anyone thinking about changing positions

Position planner

Crewsware just keeps getting better and better! Whether I'm perusing pairings for my monthly bid, or career planning through the "Position Planner", I always log onto Crewsware first. I find it quicker to access the relevant information than the traditional site. With a single log-in, and easy access to the drop down menus, Crewsware is my go-to solution for quickly finding info on items that I regularly check, such as Hotel info, Pay Tables, Expense Tracker, and Bidding Tools. Thanks for simplifying my work-life Crewsware.

B.C. - Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I first signed up to Crewsware for its Claim Tracker feature, giving me the accuracy and ease of submissions to the company for missed expenses .

            “It has paid for itself tenfold"              

I then started using and appreciating the Pairing & Bidding Tools as well as the Family Calendar in Crewsware.

The tools make the monthly ridding process straight forward and less cumbersome and the printed Family Calendar is a feature my wife loves for planning our lives.

Finally, Crewsware is constantly improving itself and adding new features.

Personally, I think the Position Planner is one of the best additions, allowing me to plan my career progression.

             For me……                                 Crewsware is “ The Complete Package 

D.M. - Monday, July 24, 2017

Love your Position Planner and Pairing Filters.

S.V. - Saturday, July 22, 2017

I just wanted to write in to let you know my fav aspects of Crewsware!

First and foremost, being a pilot I'm usually concerned with money and if I am being paid correctly!

So my favourite thing about Crewsware is the ability to track pay and per diem without very much effort at all! From day one, since joining air Canada this function has saved me hundreds of dollars.

The calendar options are a big help. I use them monthly to make printouts for my family, as they like to see where I am going, and also hang one on the fridge to plan our life!

And lastly, I really like usual games the Position Planner... while I'm not in a position to make any big moves; I like seeing what the future may or may not hold!

Thank you Crewsware.

C.M. - Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I have been a Crewsware member for probably eight years. Three different aircraft types; the first was the EMJ where I was number one in seniority; Crewsware enabled me to simply build my schedule with The Planner, ensuring that none of the cars rules were broken. This was very helpful! The second aircraft was the 767, on this I was more junior so I use the pairing filter to see what destinations were available and to bid pairing numbers for those destinations. I was also able to break down the number of days for pairings. Now I am on the triple seven on reserve. A whole different strategy using cruise where, I mainly use the Family Schedule, to send to my mom so she can see what I'm doing. And I love getting the pairing information on the day of my trip.

Y.S. - Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Position Planner
Position Planner