Who's in Town

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Improved Organization
  • Ever find out from a friend that you were at the same hotel but you missed them? This tool will show the names of your colleagues at your hotel. A great social gathering tool!
  • One of our most popular tools
  • Access a quick weather check or forecast for any station
  • Displays the current weather for any selected stations

Who's in Town

Crewsware is THE best tool to work with in many field!  I normally give my skedule to my family with the family calender and everyone knows where and how to reach me!
The exercise to build a blolck is so much easier with pairings filter (even at my seniority!)  The "Whose in Town" is a super tool to meet guys and girls on layover (not match.com but very usefull!)

And last but not least, the price...The price! With Crewsware, what you save in expense claim is more then the price of the subscription and it is so easy to keep track!
I am very happy and please with the service and the tool, every body(pilot and FA) should be here!

B.G. - Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I am not terribly organized. For starter, Crewsware has enabled me to put a decent bid together. I was always breaking scheduling rules when trying to plan a block. This was very evident when I was a senior RP.

The Expense Tracker has basically made Crewsware free for me for the rest of my career. I will be using Crewsware until the end of my time here at Air Canada.

The 'Who's in Town' option is great. If I see an old buddy on the same layover it's just too easy to pre plan some "volunteer work at local charities".

The Position Planner is also nice, although depressing, because it gives me a good idea of what my last 10 years will be like at the company.

All in all, it is a brilliant program. I recommend it to anyone that asks me about it.

A.S. - Thursday, June 16, 2016

My experience with your Crewsware product over the last several years has been fantastic.

I started out (like most, I suppose), using your software to help with building the best block of flying that I could hold at my seniority month after month.  Let's face it, the Pairing Filter function is a must to allow an individual the ability to plow through the hundreds of possible flights and pairings from month to month and make sense of what's available.

As time went on I started using other functions such as Award Builder to fine-tune my bidding as my relative seniority increased on my equipment.  The Pay and Expense Tracker was a God-sent, allowing us to track and then claim for lost pay and expenses that fell through the cracks from month to month.

I personally feel that the best feature that your software offers is that it is continually being improved and expanded upon.  It's seems that you're never content with the current version, always looking for customer feedback and ways to fine-tune your product.

A few examples are "My Layover", great ideas here for new things to do while away from home. "Who's in Town" and "Friends Blocks" allow us to connect with buddies and keep in touch.  I've even found the "Currency Converter" very helpful recently since the Canadian dollar has been fluctuating as of late against other world currencies.

The best new tool that you offer is the "Position Planner".  Here I can take a snap-shot look to see what I could hold on equipment bids, allowing me to make an educated decision as to future moves.

To sum things up, your software is ever-improving and more and more useful every year.  It's like opening up my tool-box at home and finding an cool, shiny new tool there and realizing "yes, I can definitely use that !!"

Thanks for not being content with mediocrity and continually striving towards putting the best tools in our hands year after year.  I look forward to seeing what you have to offer in the years to come - keep up the great work !!

J.A. - Thursday, June 16, 2016

The innovative services provided by Crewsware are outstanding, and greatly simplify the process of getting the information you need about your busy, and sometimes complex, airline schedule on day-to-day basis.  From bidding tools, to pilot logs, to something as simple deciding whether to pack those shorts on your layover - Crewsware has the solution.  My personal favourites are iCal for Smartphones, which automatically populates your smartphone calendar with your block when it's released, and the Who's In Town feature to see if any of your buddies will also be in town on a layover.  Even for a reserve pilot who won't be able to take full advantage of the block features, the many other features make it well worth the investment - not to mention the fact that the subscription is half price for reserve schedules.

In addition, support of all these features is prompt and helpful. Any issue you may have is usually resolved in a matter of hours.

This is what the Company's scheduling software SHOULD have been.  For less than a quarter a day you can have access to one of the most powerful scheduling services available. You won't regret it!

Thanks, Dave! Keep up the great work...

Chris Brunner - Tuesday, August 9, 2011
Who's in Town Who's in Town