Crewsware is constantly changing and evolving.  We are always looking for ways to improve our customers' work experience or business cycle.  To this end, we are always looking to new opportunities, no matter where they exist.

Currently we service almost 80% of the pilots at Air Canada, and a growing number of flight attendants.  Crewsware is very well positioned to expand into any other airline in the world.  In addition to the subscription service, our expertise is also in real-time and historical employee utilization, with the ability to create and deploy custom software very quickly.

Crewsware is Looking for People

Air Crew Work Life Improvement
Crewsware is looking for people to introduce us to any airline union or management.  If an introduction results in a successful implementation of our services to your company, Crewsware will compensate you with either a percentage of sales and/or a percentage of the new venture.   Once Crewsware’s subscription service is up and running, our high level of automation reduces the monthly work load to an absolute minimum.  This will allow for a very high return on investment.

If you feel you would like to get involved in the Crewsware world, email us immediately  via the Contact tab above.

Data Analysis and Custom Software
Since every company has their own version of complex data, managing this data is constantly in flux.  If you think your company needs a quick solution to this complex world, Crewsware can help.  Be the one who thinks outside the box and finds a solution to your company’s needs.  Call us for a quick, no cost consultation. 

Crewsware has already helped many companies across North America, why not your company now?