Privacy Policy


Last Edit: June 24, 2014

Crewsware follows the principles of privacy in all relationships with, its clients and their data. Crewsware's Privacy Policy conforms to the principles outlined in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

Crewsware is committed to protecting your personal information and our policies and procedures have been designed with this in mind. The Policy will define what information we collect about you, how it is used and how we keep it safe and secure, as well as our complaint process and Contact Information.

Tenets of Crewsware Privacy

Crewsware adheres to the following privacy principles:

  • Crewsware collects data for specifically identified purposes and does not use data collected for one purpose for any other. Crewsware will obtain clients' consent if data is used for other purposes.
  • Crewsware maintains data on clients in strict confidence and shares those data only for stated purposes.
  • No more than the minimum amount of personal information will be collected in the course of providing any service.
  • Clients have the right to abstain from providing certain information recognizing that in that case, the purpose may then not be fulfilled or the company may not be able to provide some services to the Client.
  • Clients have the right to access their own information.

General Privacy Statement

Crewsware uses client information only for the purposes stated at the time of collection and neither uses it for any other purpose nor discloses the information to any other organization except where the client has consented to the alternate use or disclosure.  Your information will be used to deliver the products you subscribed for on a monthly basis.  These products or services could and will change from time to time but the premise of keeping your information secure will always remain unchanged.

By submitting your information to us you consent to the following:

  • To contact you regarding your subscription and renewals.
  • To update your information as required, facilitating your subscription benefits.
  • To contact you to request your permission should a new use or potential disclosure of your information be identified and should we wish to use or disclose your information for the new purpose.

Mandatory Information

Client information that must be collected in order for the basic services of Crewsware to be administered and provided to the individual includes:

  • Full Name
  • Employee Number
  • Seniority Number
  • Current Operating Position and Equipment
  • E-mail Address
  • Pay Level
  • Crewsware Password
  • Monthly Block Parameters - all aspects of your schedule including flight credits

Optional Information

  • Mailing Address
  • Home Telephone number
  • Cellular Telephone number and Cellular Provider

Collection of your Mandatory Information

Crewsware collects your information from you directly and from your host airline.  Information transmitted to Crewsware from your host airline will be via email or from the airline's own website.  This information is required to provide the full range of services that Crewsware provides you.  Your information is stored in a server in a high security facility (see Terremark).

Only you, select Crewsware employees and our key server hosting company employees have access to your information (see Data Sharing below).

Except for certain key information (log book), most of your block award information will not be kept any longer than 3 years.  In some cases, some information is deleted after 1 to 2 years.  Information used for logbook purposes will be kept without an expiry date unless expressly requested by the owner of the information.

Crewsware Website

Crewsware tracks visitors to their public website for statistical purposes. The site captures limited information about visits. No personally identifiable information is collected, only aggregate data - such as the number of hits per page and last visit date.

For client-only Web pages accessible by authorized clients, names of the clients, e-mail addresses and passwords are captured to authenticate levels of access and track the number of times clients have visited the site. Crewsware is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of any linked site outside of Crewsware's website.

Online Security

Crewsware is committed to maintaining and protecting your privacy as a visitor to our website. However, we remind you that the Internet is not a secure medium. As such, your privacy cannot be guaranteed when you communicate online or otherwise visit any website. The nature of Internet communications means that your communications may be susceptible to data corruption, interception or delays.

Cookies placed by your browser on your computer may be used by one or more or our service providers.

Our website contains hyper-links to other internet websites. We are not responsible for those websites or your use of them.

Information contained on our website is copyrighted. The information contained on our website may not be reproduced, transmitted or disseminated without previously entering a written license agreement with us.


User passwords are the only guarantee of the integrity of a user's edit history. All users are encouraged to select strong passwords and to never share them. No one shall knowingly expose the password of another user to public release either directly or indirectly.

Data Uses

Crewsware uses information submitted from clients and other customers in the following ways:

  • To improve its own Web content; to respond to clients' and visitors' interests, needs and preferences;
  • To develop new products and services; and
  • To provide individuals and their companies with information about complimentary Crewsware services, promotions or special offers

For routine maintenance and security administration, such as tracking of authorized access, aggregate data collected from the website are only used for internal and marketing purposes and do not provide any personally identifying information. Aggregate data are used only to analyze general traffic patterns (e.g. what pages are most/least popular) and to perform routine system maintenance.

Data Sharing

Crewsware Client data is never disclosed beyond the organization without the consent of the Client and it is shared internally only when it is required as a part of the performance of the duties of the individual seeking access.

Crewsware does not make clients' contact information available through a Crewsware Client Directory to third parties or visitors to its Internet site but does make it available, with consent to other clients of Crewsware, with limit to name, employee number, work schedule, block parameters and seniority numbers

Within each employee group (i.e. pilots and flight attendants) information will not be shared between groups except when expressly requested by the owner of the information.  The owner of the information has the ability to control the flow of information to another group at all times.

If a client chooses to contact Crewsware by mail, fax, telephone or e-mail, and provides personally identifiable information, Crewsware does not use that information for any purpose other than to respond to the client inquiries.

Third parties may purchase advertisements for delivery with our products. We may deliver to you information on behalf of third parties with whom we have a strategic relationship.

Any unauthorized use or disclosure of the information contained in any of the web pages or tools accessible through Crewsware websites will result in termination of your account at Crewsware.  For further information on this please see the End User License Agreement (EULA) after logging into Crewsware.

In addition, it is unlawful or unauthorized to disclose any of the confidential information contained any of the web pages or tools accessible through the Crewsware websites, Crewsware may apply for and obtain any relief available to it in a court of law, including injunctive relief, in addition to any such rights that Crewsware may have to damages. Such unlawful use or disclosure may also give rise to criminal prosecution.

Concerns or Complaints

Individuals have the right to review their personal information to ensure its accuracy and to confirm Crewsware's compliance with this policy. Anyone with concerns regarding the treatment of their member data or personal information or who wish to review their data should contact Crewsware at

Withdrawal of Consent

The client may withdraw consent for disclosure, collection or use of personal information at any time. However, withdrawal of consent does not apply if it conflicts with the company's legal obligations.


Crewsware will advise all members of its Privacy Policy on the website in the form of a website Privacy Statement.