Just Crewsware! (and My-Layover!)

Among many great features offered by Crewsware, the e-mail announcing the availability of pairings which is 1 to 2 days before the official company release time has once saved me a headache not to mention high stress when I left for a cruise the day before the bid opened. In the prep of the cruise I had totally forgotten the bid period!!!. With Crewsware I was able to filter and select the pairings that interested me, export them to the Sortable Pairings feature (Excel format), work and tweak the order to my liking and forward the result to my phone.

While cruising I was able to entered my bid in no time AND saving lots of money!

For that and much more, Crewsware is totally worth the subscription!

UP Crewsware!

N.T. - Thursday, June 30, 2016

Crewsware has helped me immensely since I started using the service.  I had a son with some health issues when he was young and I would print my pairing sheets each pairing for my wife.  The pairing sheets not only provided where I was staying, but contact numbers, and exactly when check-in/check-out was each day.

This service proved a lifesaver on more than one occasion when my wife neede to contact me. 

Thank-you Crewsware.

D.L. - Thursday, June 30, 2016

I am sending this on behalf of J.H.as I am the one who begged him to sign up for Crewsware back in 2011 when he became an A320 Captain in YYZ. Prior to that he was an F/O on the B-767 and on the A330/A340.

As I have ALWAYS done his bidding for him since it was easier to plan our schedules if only 1 of us was trying to bid (I am a now retired S/D) I soon realized after the first month of being an A320 captain that instead of 30-40 pairings to choose from (as on the B-767) there were now 3000 or more pairings to choose from (that may be an exaggeration, but it feels like there are that many A320 pairings). I thought my head was going to explode so I looked into your program and signed up for a free trial and from then on was hooked! As you can see, John doesn’t even respond to the emails he receives so Crewsware was a godsend for me when I discovered it.

Being able to choose pairings using date/layover etc parameters and filtering out all the other “garbage” is a lot easier than having to go through each and every pairing to find something suitable. It is also much faster to bid now plugging in suitable pairings found in Crewsware and using the analyzer in PBS to find out if any avoid/award parameters are cancelling each other out. Another great feature is the “who’s in town” feature as often he arrives at a layover hotel not knowing who the other crew members are laying over, so it makes it easier to plan something with friends. I also check expenses on a monthly basis and it makes it much easier to verify possible missed per diems using the feature in Crewsware as well as the cut and paste option to download flying summaries. Every month we print out the family calendar as it is simple to understand for everyone in terms of days on/off, layover destinations as well as check-in and check out times. Makes it a breeze to plan whether he will be home for dinner or not!

Even though John is now doing his final training days as a captain on the B-767 and will be bidding again for August 2016, I am now hooked on Crewsware and will continue to use it going forward as it is a very efficient and time-saving system to use. I encourage all my flight attendant friends as well as other pilot friends to try out Crewsware as it makes a tedious monthly chore almost a pleasure

C.H. - Thursday, June 30, 2016

Crewsware has been such an important part of my husbands' and my life since we signed up for the service a few years ago. 

Knowing how are 2 schedules work together after we have been given are block awards has been invaluable.  We are able to see at a glance when we are working during the month. 

I also love being to see the pairings before they are available in the PBS program so that I can plan my bid and check out all the pairing options.

Crewsware has been constantly improving and offering better ways to bid or incorporate the service in my life.

H.W. - Thursday, June 30, 2016

Great product you have and always improving, kudos to you.

My little guy, now 7, had started a long time ago to color in the days at work on the family calendar, red for days that Dad is gone, green when home. He still does this to this day " let's color Dad's month".

One time he came to me with his finished work and said, " Dad, green is my favorite color" Melted my heart....

Thanks for a great product Dave.

J.K. - Thursday, June 30, 2016

There are numerous functions from Crewsware that I have benefited from, where do I begin?

When I was first starting off, knowing the contract inside and out for expenses was as difficult as learning to fly the plane. Crewsware hands down paid for itself with the expense recovery I achieved within the first year. Now that the expenses run in real time, and print the expense report directly it’s even better.

It became apparent the more senior I got on an aircraft, and to the point I was able to build my schedules,  it was now my responsibility to ask specifically for what I wanted or it was my fault for getting what I didn’t. The Award Builder and pairing filter saved me hours of sorting to find pairings that fit the DBM window and further down to the days I wanted to work/have off.

Then came the time I was looking at an overseas contract and realized I hadn’t updated my log book for 8 years. Yes, there are other functions through aeronet that would’ve worked, but not as easy as crewsware to print off and confirm.

Lastly, the monthly family schedules that show local times where I’ll be saves a lot of heartache.

There are a lot of other tools that Crewsware offers that I haven’t explored, but these are key to me.

R. - Thursday, June 30, 2016

I just want to express my appreciation to Crewsware for making many things so much easier and organized.  It has so many great features to help me plan and organize my flying. From the Award Builder which I must say I love the most because it makes it so easy for me to plan the type of flying I want and on what days and make sure it fits in the block window, and fits all the legal windows.

Also the layout of the printable schedules which are great for me and the rest of my family. The family really likes the monthly calendar one which we tape to the fridge, it's easy for them to understand and tells them where I'm going and the hotels that I have my layover at just in case they need to get a hold of me. There are so many great and helpful features beyond just the few I have mentioned.

I just want to say thank you to Dave and the rest of the Crewsware team for such a great product and the work they do to bring it to all of us.

C.M. - Thursday, June 30, 2016

Last year Crewsware helped me claim over  $700 in unpaid expenses! That pays for a lot of yearly crewsware subscriptions.

Thanks crewsware.

K.K. - Thursday, June 30, 2016

Crewsware is the ultimate swiss army knife or all leather-man tool.....all the multi functions and information is a great resource to collect all the data ,in one place ,you need to go to work as well as keep the family in the loop and informed and on top of things in our busy lives.The product keeps getting better and Crewsware always seek inputs from its members to improve continuously upon itself.

K.K. - Thursday, June 30, 2016

I'm writing this short message to thank you for facilitating my life and those of my two boys 11 and 13 years with the Family Calendar which they can know where I am at any moment and when they can call me when I am on a layover.  It could not be easier since I have coupled their iPad with iCal for smartphones, it is just MAGICAL!!!

Especially since the day me and their mom have decided to follow our separate ways a few mouths ago and the assets in shared custody.  The more difficult time of their lives without a doubt.

I can never thank you enough.

A.O. - Thursday, June 30, 2016