Want to know the real reason CREWSWARE is so valuable  (this from my wife)  cute but funny….

Prevents divorce,  bidding tool has me get the best block possible to accommodate the family as often as possible, thus less family “conflicts”

Prevents bankruptcy, over draft on credit card by showing me exactly what expense are that I may spend (wife orders) with currency conversion, right on pairing.

Easy to read so never any confusion with my flight schedule, oh yea, that also helps alleviate home stress..

Enhances the ability for me to buy my wife nice things by finding lost money from pay & expenses.


Thought you might enjoy her take 

B.A. - Friday, August 18, 2017

I LOVE Crewsware!!!

Crewsware has saved me TIME and MONEY.  There are so many features I love that comes with my subscription to Crewsware.  

  • The Expense Tracker has been an exceptional feature.  I have been able to recoup hundreds of dollars from errors made in my expense pay summary.
  • Speed of information.  I get information from Crewsware faster and sooner than I get from GLOBE!  An email to mi Inbox notifying me that Block Awards are ready always makes me happy to know I can get my block for the following month immediately.
  • Bidding reminders is a great feature as well.  I will NEVER forget to bid!
  • Quick access to pairings that can be searched and sorted by route languages...fantastic tool!!!
  • Day of Flight pairing details help me know what my Duty Day is going to be (along with a slew of other valuable pairing details) which better prepares me for my work day.

There are many, many benefits and features in Crewsware...and so many more that have yet to be discovered!

R.D. - Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Crewsware is a powerful tool that has applications throughout the user spectrum such as lifestyle (commuter or local flier, line pilot or training department), seniority, and personal circumstance within each month of bidding, etc.  I have used Crewsware with all these scheduling parameters and Crewsware has made the information and decisions significantly easier 

The first and most important tools are the pairing filters.  Eliminating unwanted pairings and prioritizing desirable pairings saves hours of combing through pairings and clarifying how to sort out my bidding for the month.  

The calendars and pairing briefs are by far the best presentation of my month’s schedule not only for me but my family.

Finally, the expense checker has saved me hundreds of dollars.  This alone has almost paid for the subscription to Crewsware.

Crewsware is a tool that every pilot should have and will find indispensable.  

J.W. - Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Crewsware just keeps getting better and better! Whether I'm perusing pairings for my monthly bid, or career planning through the "Position Planner", I always log onto Crewsware first. I find it quicker to access the relevant information than the traditional site. With a single log-in, and easy access to the drop down menus, Crewsware is my go-to solution for quickly finding info on items that I regularly check, such as Hotel info, Pay Tables, Expense Tracker, and Bidding Tools. Thanks for simplifying my work-life Crewsware.

B.C. - Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Crewsware makes my airline life so much easier! The Pairing Filter helps me pinpoint the exact type of flying I want to do on the dates that I want. The Sortable Pairings option puts them all together so I can visualize where everything fits, making my PBS bidding much easier. The Shirt Pocket Calendar is emailed to me with up-to-date info the night before. I keep it on my phone so I always have my schedule with me. All my pairing info is not wiped out with red lines as in Globe if there is the slightest little pairing change! I find the Max Duty Time and Expire time are very convenient on a long day! Plus the iCal on my phone is automatically populated each month with all my blocks details, beautiful!

Everything you need for your airline life is provided through Crewsware. The Electronic Logbook is automatic and includes a route map of everywhere I have flown over my AC career, really cool! Features include Position Planner, Hotel information, Currency conversion, Who’s in town, plain language Equipment Pay Tables, up-to-date Meal Allowances and much more. On top of it all, the Expense and Claim Tracker is easy to use and automated. It has consistently returned an average of three times the cost of my yearly Crewsware subscription in unpaid expenses that would have simply slipped by me! I actually make money by using Crewsware!!!

Crewsware is totally worth the money and I highly recommend it!

T.H. - Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I would like to thank you for the service that Crewsware has provided me and I can say with confidence, hundreds of other Air Canada pilots.

The system is easy to use, relevant and actually makes me money!

Let me start with ease. The calendar options are wonderful. I can choose what is best for my and/or what is best for my family and I don't have to buy a planning calendar now and waste time transferring my schedule to it.

The Pairing Filter allows me to easily sift through the relevant pairings saving me time and frustration.

 The Expense Tracker is BRILLIANT! I use to spend hours going through my flight summaries in order to get the expenses that I was owed. With your Crewsware I can remit my missed expenses in a fraction of the time.

Thanks once again for such a wonderful product offered at a reasonable price Dave!

W.E. - Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Thank You Crewsware!

Love love love…  

  • visual presentation! So nice to have the schedule in a format that is clear and concise and easy to read
  • additional pairing information provided,  local times and duty periods are just one example, immediately available at your fingertips and invaluable just when you need it the most
  • family schedule used all the time, calendar automatically uploads to my phone, pairing information received prior to each pairing, and essential resources for on the road
  • pairing filters and award builder - great visual tools to assist determining how your next schedule will be built
  • position planner used every equipment bid – again, love the filters and presentation to assist with long term planning

But wait, there is more…..expenses and pay all calculated and updated as required, claim trackers, elog, reminders on bid closing…

All in ONE location!

Also appreciate that you are constantly seeking to upgrade and improve your services.

Thanks for offering a great common sense product that makes our lives easier!

H.J. - Tuesday, August 1, 2017

That's probably why Crewsware is so useful to me. When time is of the essence you need data that is displayed in an easy intuitive manner. 

I appreciate the pairings listings that show just the pairing for my operating position. I don't know how many times I've read a pairing thinking this is a perfect pairing ... Get all excited... And then notice it is CA only. 

The filter option to knock out all pairings that fall into days I don't want to work is a huge time saver. Then exporting those pairings into the block planner makes it super-fast and easy to visualize what will and won't work for my block. 

It's all about time saving for me and Crewsware saves me lots of time. 

Everything else like expenses and log book entries are icing on an already very delicious cake!

G.G. - Monday, July 31, 2017

Simply, Crewsware has been and still is a great tool to help build my monthly schedule. And once it is out, the whole family can see at a glance when I will be away working or at home. Because it considers FOM and C.A.R.S limits, I know right away what works and what doesn't before I put a bid in PBS. As a bonus, I get the pay and Expense Tracker, digital logbook and several other nice extras. Of the several tools in our pilot toolbox, Crewsware remains a must have for me and my family.

Thank you Crewsware.

A.G. - Monday, July 31, 2017

While company apps and products have improved greatly in the last few years, Crewsware's Family Calendar, Who's In Town and Shirt Pocket Schedule remain easier to read with more complete information. Pay Tables and Friends Blocks have proved invaluable tools when contemplating equipment changes, as I can view and assess a large sample of schedules at my seniority over the course of an entire calendar year.

Crewsware's best feature, by far, has been the Pay and Expense Tracker.

It's easy to use, requires about 15 minutes per year of effort, and saves me hundreds of dollars. Crewsware pays for itself many times over with this feature alone.

C.O. - Monday, July 31, 2017